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KADD Construction Family owned

KADD Construction LLC is a family company founded in 1997 whose name is inspired by the names of the owner's family. KADD stands for Kate (his daughter), Andrea (his wife), Donald Jr. (his son), and Don Sr (Don Sr is last because his family will always come first!). With the desire to create a long-standing family business for generations to come, Don's founding principles remain true to this day: honest and open communication from start to finish. This customer service oriented business approach has given us a laundry list of repeat customers who have kept us in business for over 20 years. Our two locations allow us to service the southwest and southeast regions of Florida from Tampa to Naples, and West Palm Beach to Miami.

We have a fleet of heavy equipment and the skill capable of completing all types of commercial and residential  projects, including structural demolition, interior demolition, and much more. We strive to be as earth-friendly as possible and have separating debris down to a science. All concrete, yard waste, and metals are sent to recycling facilities to minimize the need for landfills. Our dedication to doing our part in protecting the environment for future generations requires more attention to detail than other companies who throw everything together to dump in a landfill.

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